Human beings change, for better or worse, they transform.

My work analyzes and interprets the study of this change. 
We have the magnificence inside, beneath the surface, beauty.
This is my concept of art.

In my artistic research there is the world of childhood, a metaphor of the origin and of infinite happiness, of preparing for life without the awareness of living it. As we grow we lose and at the same time gain experience, made up of emotions, knowledge, dreams, reality and imagination which change and expand as they evolve.

Time is the place in which these changes occur, which welcomes this research and, at the same time, is part of it.

My work arises from internal and fluid images, in continuous movement, which I decipher and transfer to multimedia means. The choice of multimedia support, and video in particular, allows me to express the fluidity of concepts which, to manifest themselves, require movement.

I consider art as a moment of liberation, a moment in which the artist dissolves internal ties, also freeing the public and making them an integral part of the project.
The spectator perceives the essentiality of the work of art, feeling free to empathize and abandon their own prejudices.

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